Hi, my name is Terry Gilmore AKA California Terry and welcome to Lead Net Pro Exposed. Here you will get the Shocking truth about Lead Net Pro – No Hype… No Fluff… Just Pure Facts! By the time you complete this overview you will have A-Z knowledge about Lead Net Pro and be able to make an educated decision to whether or not this lead generation tool is right for you.

With so many lead generation tools hitting the internet everyday it’s a little hard not to get caught up in the hype, and even harder to find a system you can trust will be around for years to come. I’ll be first to say the internet is a awesome place to make a real income and live the lifestyle you want but the problem most people have is getting a consistent flow of traffic to their websites. My goal with this Lead Net Pro Overview is to show you how to surpass all the garbage out there and get straight to the facts.

Who Is California Terry?

More Importantly, Why Should You Value His Opinion?

If this is you first time meeting me you’ll quickly discover that I’m a person that will go out into the trenches to make things happen, and this is your opportunity to learn from someone with a true passion to help others succeed. In the last 2 years I have created a full time income right from home and you have the ability to take a short cut and piggy back on my knowledge and success. I will show you exactly what it takes to attract the people and income you truly desire in this Lead Net Pro Review.

I’ve been able to reach high success levels by learning and applying the mechanics of internet marketing and I have created a formula that anyone can plug into and have true success using LeadNetPro. Let me be your personal tour guide and give you the road map that leaps over all the BS out there and lands you in total prosperity.

Terry Gilmore AKA California Terry



Why Use Lead Net Pro?

What Made Me Go With This System?

You may be asking yourself, Why should I use LeadNetPro when there are so many other lead generation tools on the market?

For years people made big money on the internet selling systems and tools that are supposed to help entrepreneurs build their business – we’re talking products that sell for anywhere from $100 to $5000. “Then came the recession”

When the economy failed many people that could once afford to buy every new tool and system that came out, found that they would need to budget. They could no longer spend $500 on one tool then turn around and buy 3-4 more products ranging at prices of $100 to $500 to compliment the first tool they purchased.

One thing to keep in mind is, “If You’re In Business You Will Spend Money” but if you can get  1st class quality and save money, why not?

I receive dozens of calls on a daily bases from people all around the world who are very interested in partnering with me in business but just don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing. After spending hours on the net looking for an A+ lead system that anyone could plug into, I came across Lead Net Pro. I reviewed the Lead Net Pro website from top to bottom and instantly knew I had A WINNER, for reasons I will explain in detail throughout this site. But what initially intrigued me was the fact that you could offer an ALL IN ONE PLACE lead system with a very low entry fee that has a huge payout. This is something anyone could be financially comfortable with… completely eliminating the biggest objection I was hearing, “I can’t afford it.”

you’ll soon discover, the actual results my system can produce. Needless to say, my system plus Lead Net Pro = massive incomes.

LeadNetPro produces the very best leads to contact, who you might ask? Networkers and business owners. Your chances of selling your product, service or opportunity is much greater when dealing with like minded people – newbies tend to just be looking and it can take them a very long time to make a decision,  while a smart active networker can usually spot something great and decide on it quick. LeadNetPro will weed through thousands of people daily and only come back with people that have a true interest in what you’re offering, saving you much time and money.

With that, let’s get into our Lead Net Pro Review.

I’m sure you want the complete details about LeadNetPro… does the system really work, can you make a full time income as a member, is it the right tool for you and exactly what needs to be done to create TRUE financial freedom if you decide to use it.

I can certainly appreciate those questions and will do my very best to leave nothing out of this no holds barred review. So please, take your time to look over everything here and be sure to fill out the form on the top right to get your FREE copy of my “7 Day Success Video Course.”  You will find a tremendous amount of information about LeadNetPro in this blog and I’m confident that once you complete it you will be able to make an educated decision to whether LeadNetPro and me as your sponsor is the right choice.

To Life Without Limits,

Terry Gilmore AKA California Terry


Skype: MentorTerry

2 Responses to “Home”

  • Hey Terry, great article my friend. LeadNetPro is an excellent marketing system and the competition can’t keep up!

    If you’re reading this and don’t have LeadNetPro yet, I highly recommend that you sign up with Terry on this page!

    • Cali Terry:

      Thanks a lot Nate… you’re right, LeadNetPro has really shaken up the industry my friend. and from the looks of things it’s treated you quite well also… Keep up the great work!

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